Spycraft: The Chimera Mandate

New Job - The Raynes Affair

Rickard is contacted by Ken Ellis – simple job.

Objective: Secure location of Adam Raynes, Interpol operative.
Client: Bernard (former MI5 supervisor)
Stipend: E10000

Subect (Adam Raynes) missed appointment with client at the Hotel International on 20 March following an arranged meeting. Client is concerned – subject is not known for inconsistent behavior.

April 5 – Paris, France

hotel-international-1.pngCheck out Hotel International. Presence alerts Gendarme, who have the appearances of working off-the-books. Search of room discovers a slip with an encrypted thumb-drive. Further search cut off by arrival of police.
Contacted DeLindt for opinion on drive – available ~9 April.

April 6 – Lyon, France

Search Raynes’ apartment.
Investigation reveals:

  • Subject apartment seems “unlived in” – few personal effects.
  • Raynes had several lightly classified cases within his office – unrelated, but notes reveal Raynes was attempting to make correlations. Included: file on Werner Bohrman, German analyst.
  • Bank statement: Withdrawal of E25000 in Amsterdam (7 March).
  • Phone statement: three “out of the ordinary” calls to a German number.

On departure, parties unknown attempted to intercept Rickard.



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