Spycraft: The Chimera Mandate


Rendezvousing two hours after the attack, Mitzna and Rickard find a place to lay low. Police are out in force. Trying to decide what to do next, they receive a call from Ellis who starts the conversation by saying: Yellowjacket – the emergency meet signal. They agree to a meetup in Zurich – a chance to get out of town and to hear what news Ellis has.

In Zurich they discover Gerard (their employer) has been gunned down and therefore the mission is a scrub. Concerned about the circumstances behind Gerard’s death and his connections to the Circle, Ellis pays Mitzna and Rickard to head to Gerard’s home to clean it and see if they can gain insight into who is behind his death. Along the way, they research the map of Lyon (from the Serbian hideout) and realize the indicated points all seem to be by large Telecom France hubs.

Gerard_s_House.JPGArriving at Gerard’s French country home, the team observes a young woman leaving. They split up: Mitzna follows the woman and Rickard tosses the house.

Rickard finds a messy house with an immaculate desk – it appears that in most things Gerard is (was) fairly disheveled and had little or no use for technology. His desk contains large number of files written in a cypher – standard MI5/6 methodology and photographs. The house, otherwise, is empty of clues.

Elizabeth.jpgMitzna follows the woman, who turns out to be Gerard’s daughter Elizabeth. Failing to remain concealed, she confronts him and prompts a frank conversation. She relates some information:
• Her father had a conspiracy obsession which forced his retirement from a promising career at 5.
• Gerard and Raines had an “extremely close” relationship.
• She and her father were estranged, but she was angry at his death.

She queries Mitzna about his “work” and how much it would cost to visit vengeance upon her father’s murderer. In the end, she offers him 50,000 Euro; 25,000 to find her father’s killer and another 25,000 to prove (or disprove) his conspiracy obsession. She refers him to Ellis, who is more than willing to take the woman’s 50% retainer.


The teams picks up DeLindt in Paris and dispatches Ayers to track down the Bohrmann angle.



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