Spycraft: The Chimera Mandate


Rendezvousing two hours after the attack, Mitzna and Rickard find a place to lay low. Police are out in force. Trying to decide what to do next, they receive a call from Ellis who starts the conversation by saying: Yellowjacket – the emergency meet signal. They agree to a meetup in Zurich – a chance to get out of town and to hear what news Ellis has.

In Zurich they discover Gerard (their employer) has been gunned down and therefore the mission is a scrub. Concerned about the circumstances behind Gerard’s death and his connections to the Circle, Ellis pays Mitzna and Rickard to head to Gerard’s home to clean it and see if they can gain insight into who is behind his death. Along the way, they research the map of Lyon (from the Serbian hideout) and realize the indicated points all seem to be by large Telecom France hubs.

Gerard_s_House.JPGArriving at Gerard’s French country home, the team observes a young woman leaving. They split up: Mitzna follows the woman and Rickard tosses the house.

Rickard finds a messy house with an immaculate desk – it appears that in most things Gerard is (was) fairly disheveled and had little or no use for technology. His desk contains large number of files written in a cypher – standard MI5/6 methodology and photographs. The house, otherwise, is empty of clues.

Elizabeth.jpgMitzna follows the woman, who turns out to be Gerard’s daughter Elizabeth. Failing to remain concealed, she confronts him and prompts a frank conversation. She relates some information:
• Her father had a conspiracy obsession which forced his retirement from a promising career at 5.
• Gerard and Raines had an “extremely close” relationship.
• She and her father were estranged, but she was angry at his death.

She queries Mitzna about his “work” and how much it would cost to visit vengeance upon her father’s murderer. In the end, she offers him 50,000 Euro; 25,000 to find her father’s killer and another 25,000 to prove (or disprove) his conspiracy obsession. She refers him to Ellis, who is more than willing to take the woman’s 50% retainer.


The teams picks up DeLindt in Paris and dispatches Ayers to track down the Bohrmann angle.

Serbians - why did it have to be Serbians?

April 6 – Lyon, France

Departing from Raines’ apartment, Rickard doubles back and observes his attackers.

He manages to follow them back to a seedy area of town. Using stealth, he observes them and determines them to be Serbians. They seem to have some training but are basically thugs. They seem agitated by Rickard’s escape from the Lyon apartment. SeedyLyon.JPG

He executes a daring entry via the flat roof of the building and discovers some details:

  • The gang seems to be involved in either prostitution or human trafficking, as a number 10-12 girls are held captive.
  • The gang is well armed but generally ill-trained.

During his stay, he observes a third party arrive in two german sedans. Six men (four security, a bodyguard and a leader type). The leader of these men (name overheard: Mr. Cander) berates the leader of the Serbians (name overheard: Bogdan) for losing Rickard at the apartment and demands Bogdan get his men on the street and looking for the unknown operative (Rickard).

With the majority of the group gone, Rickard contacts Mitzna who has been sent to Lyon by Ellis to provide backup. Between the two of them, they eliminate the remainder of the gang and capture Bogdan. Under interrogation he reveals little – he doesn’t know anything. Some small facts:

  • Bogdan’Bogdan.pngs group caught, tortured and kills Lisa (Raines’ girlfriend) looking for him.
  • Mr. Cander uses them as muscle, so their involvement is little.

Mitzna eliminates him.

They free the remaining women and sweep the place for clues.


  • A map of Lyon, with various locations marked – doesn’t seem like a distribution map.

Logistics Recovered:

  • body pistol with suppressor
  • kevlar jacket liner
  • russian SMG
  • pump action riot gun
  • duffle with €45000
New Job - The Raynes Affair

Rickard is contacted by Ken Ellis – simple job.

Objective: Secure location of Adam Raynes, Interpol operative.
Client: Bernard (former MI5 supervisor)
Stipend: E10000

Subect (Adam Raynes) missed appointment with client at the Hotel International on 20 March following an arranged meeting. Client is concerned – subject is not known for inconsistent behavior.

April 5 – Paris, France

hotel-international-1.pngCheck out Hotel International. Presence alerts Gendarme, who have the appearances of working off-the-books. Search of room discovers a slip with an encrypted thumb-drive. Further search cut off by arrival of police.
Contacted DeLindt for opinion on drive – available ~9 April.

April 6 – Lyon, France

Search Raynes’ apartment.
Investigation reveals:

  • Subject apartment seems “unlived in” – few personal effects.
  • Raynes had several lightly classified cases within his office – unrelated, but notes reveal Raynes was attempting to make correlations. Included: file on Werner Bohrman, German analyst.
  • Bank statement: Withdrawal of E25000 in Amsterdam (7 March).
  • Phone statement: three “out of the ordinary” calls to a German number.

On departure, parties unknown attempted to intercept Rickard.


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