Spycraft: The Chimera Mandate

Serbians - why did it have to be Serbians?

April 6 – Lyon, France

Departing from Raines’ apartment, Rickard doubles back and observes his attackers.

He manages to follow them back to a seedy area of town. Using stealth, he observes them and determines them to be Serbians. They seem to have some training but are basically thugs. They seem agitated by Rickard’s escape from the Lyon apartment. SeedyLyon.JPG

He executes a daring entry via the flat roof of the building and discovers some details:

  • The gang seems to be involved in either prostitution or human trafficking, as a number 10-12 girls are held captive.
  • The gang is well armed but generally ill-trained.

During his stay, he observes a third party arrive in two german sedans. Six men (four security, a bodyguard and a leader type). The leader of these men (name overheard: Mr. Cander) berates the leader of the Serbians (name overheard: Bogdan) for losing Rickard at the apartment and demands Bogdan get his men on the street and looking for the unknown operative (Rickard).

With the majority of the group gone, Rickard contacts Mitzna who has been sent to Lyon by Ellis to provide backup. Between the two of them, they eliminate the remainder of the gang and capture Bogdan. Under interrogation he reveals little – he doesn’t know anything. Some small facts:

  • Bogdan’Bogdan.pngs group caught, tortured and kills Lisa (Raines’ girlfriend) looking for him.
  • Mr. Cander uses them as muscle, so their involvement is little.

Mitzna eliminates him.

They free the remaining women and sweep the place for clues.


  • A map of Lyon, with various locations marked – doesn’t seem like a distribution map.

Logistics Recovered:

  • body pistol with suppressor
  • kevlar jacket liner
  • russian SMG
  • pump action riot gun
  • duffle with €45000



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